Apartment Complex Cleaning

Welcome to DM Cleaning & Contracting where we specialize in enhancing the living experience for your tenants in entire apartment buildings.

We understand that clean and well-maintained common areas directly contribute to tenant satisfaction. Let us handle the cleaning responsibilities, so your tenants can enjoy a pristine and inviting living space they're proud to call home.

  • Dusting & Disinfecting Surfaces

  • Sweeping & Mopping Floors

  • Vacuuming (Common Areas)

  • Trash Removal (Common Areas)*

  • Interior Window Cleaning

* Trash Removal per unit is subject to extra costs

Ready to Enhance Your Tenants' Living Experience?

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Discover how DM Cleaning & Contracting can elevate the cleanliness and comfort of your apartment complex.

Elevate your tenants' experience with us. We're committed to providing them with a clean, comfortable, and inviting home that truly enhances their quality of life.